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Rania continued to make an issue to convince her family for Jamshed but Jamshed only manipulated Rania whereas he is not sincere with her. The entire scenario of Rania wanting to get married to Jamshed has been stretched like a rubber band & similarly, Sameer wanting to win Gaiti back is another such instance which is super annoying. I found it funny that without even listening to Gaiti, Sameer announced that he was coming to get her? How stupid is he? I swear I have seen quite a lot of annoying characters in Pakistani dramas but Sameer is a dheet of some other level. Fareeha is another good-for-nothing character who has wasted so much of resources to look ‘good’ but unfortunately, has failed miserably. An epic fail sorts!

Closing Thoughts – Coverage of Side Tracks:

Overall, this episode of Do Bol was decent but definitely could have included such situations that actually mattered but then again, it is understandable that they had to give these supporting tracks a closure too so they addressed them all in this episode. However, I do dread that the final episode might give us a rushed ending. So far so good. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Do Bol.

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Zahra Mirza.

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